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Official Veterinary Services

"Eville & Jones can provide a high quality veterinary staffing solution to suit any need in any country."

Since 1993 Eville & Jones has been Europe's largest provider of private veterinary inspection services in fresh meat premises. The company provides specialised public health veterinarians focussed on audit and inspection in all types of establishments in a number of European countries.   These services are offered and delivered through Competent Authorities as well as through the indu...

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Meat Inspection

"Meeting all your official auxiliary staffing needs - when and wherever you want!"  

The meat inspection team at Eville & Jones is recognised as being of the highest quality. This team is made up of veterinary and non-veterinary staff all trained well in excess of EC Regulation 854/2004 requirements and is experienced in a wide range of different slaughterhouse environments. In addition to providing Official Control staffing needs for governments, Eville & Jones possesses the capability to de...

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Animal Health

"An expert animal health resource ready and waiting to fulfil verification, surveillance and enforcement needs throughout the EU fulfilling all customers' requirements and demands."  

Having a large veterinary team drawn from a wide area of expertise Eville & Jones has been able to provide a continuous animal health control veterinary resource for many years. With an experienced team of veterinarians the company provides a range of field veterinary services including on-farm inspections and a...

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