In the latest edition of Vet Record our CEO, Charles Hartwell, talks to Josh Loeb about the ‘perfect storm’ which has resulted in a shortage of vets across the UK system and how he believes this needs to be addressed in both the short and longer term.

Talking openly and at length, Charles discusses the impacts of Brexit and Covid on the supply of official veterinarians (OVs) in England and Wales and the initiatives the company has put in place to aid their recruitment and retention.  He also highlights the underlying problems presented by a lack of capacity in the UK vet school system and the need to bring about “a root and branch cultural change to the perception UK graduates have of veterinary public health”. Increasing supply of OV’s from the UK is an important part of the company’s strategy and vital to ensuring our world-leading standards of food safety and animal welfare are maintained.  To read the full interview click here.

Vet Record is the official journal of the British Veterinary Association (BVA).


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