• A veterinary degree aligned to the MRCVS
  • An Official Control Qualification, OCQ (V)/LV1
  • HACCP training
  • 2 years experience as FSA OV and/or Export OV is desirable
  • A driving licence
  • Sound knowledge of the relevant veterinary regulatory framework (e.g. public health and/or animal welfare).
  • The ability to understand and apply veterinary risk assessments.
  • Audit experience
  • Excellent communication skills and to be able to communicate effectively at all levels
  • Excellent time management
  • Good interpersonal skills and excellent relationship management
  • To be able to influence employees at all levels to support your decisions and proposed plans
  • Process improvement
  • Computer skills and knowledge of office software packages
  • The ability to overcome obstacles and be persistent
  • To be accessible and friendly
  • The ability to work within a team, investing time to develop a common focus and genuine positive team spirit where colleagues feel valued and respect one another

As Area Technical Manager, you will work with the Operations Team ensuring the consistent, accurate and timely veterinary and technical delivery, advice, support and decisions to OVs, MHIs, EOVs, CSOs, internal and external stakeholders. The role of Area Technical Manager is to take responsibility for Eville & Jones’ service delivery within a defined geographical area by providing technical leadership to ensure the efficient and consistent delivery of Eville & Jones contractual responsibilities.

Working within the Operations Team and reporting to the Area Manager, your responsibilities include:

  • Working with the operations teams within the area to promote the Core Values of the Company and instil a sense of teamwork and family atmosphere
  • Meeting with other Eville & Jones management as required to extend and improve technical and contractual service delivery
  • Visiting the OVs, MHIs, EOVs, CSOs, within his/her area at a frequency stated by the Area Manager
  • Discussing technical problems with the OV and relevant staff during the visit. A check will be made to ensure operational paperwork is satisfactory and that relations with the customer staff are good
  • Ensuring that the OV is carrying out his/her duties in full compliance with the relevant Technical Guide/ Manual. Any deviations from this procedure will be rectified immediately
  • Carrying out an audit of the premises as required in order to ensure that the FBO controls are in place and the OV is ensuring compliance
  • Receiving technical queries from the OVs and referring the queries on to the Area Manager/ Portfolio Lead in cases where any doubt remains
  • Reviewing all documented enforcement action to ensure appropriateness of response and technical/ legal soundness
  • Undertaking a full technical review of all OV monthly reports, and supporting documentation/ technical returns to ensure thorough and accurate completion. The review will include cross-referencing of any periodic returns relating to a particular establishment within the ATMs area of responsibility to ensure plant-specific issues are consistently reported and that all outstanding legal contraventions are progressed in timely manner within the recognised hierarchy of enforcement action
  • Undertaking a full technical review of a random number of export certification and supporting documentation/ technical returns to ensure thorough and accurate completion
  • Liaising closely with respective team members to ensure that all issues highlighted as part of the review are correct
  • Integrating within technical portfolio networks
  • Establishing and maintaining productive working relationships with all stakeholders across the area (including FSA local, local Export customers, Food Business Operators (FBOs), other government departments and Local Authorities). Collaborate with these when required to share information and technical support
  • Any other duties ad from time to time required by the Area Manager and Regional Director

The ideal candidate will be a strong veterinary leader who is able to think strategically, defend difficult decisions, and positively promote the veterinary role both within Eville & Jones and wider. They will be self-motivating, proactive and target driven with a passionate desire to succeed and deliver excellent results.

If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please send an e-mail to recruitment@eandj.co.uk

To support your application please attach your most updated CV and a statement (no longer than 500 words) explaining what you believe you can bring to the role, and showcasing your experience.