*During first year of employment only

Are you a qualified Veterinarian looking for career progression, a company car, laptop and other perks? If so then consider working as an Export Official Veterinarian.

We are looking to hire veterinarians across the UK for our export health certification (EHC) service. We are the UK’s leading supplier for services and advice for the worldwide export of food and other animal-based products.  Growth areas, where positions typically arise, include the areas of London, Cambridge, Ipswich, Lowestoft, Middlesbrough, the Midlands (East and West), Norwich,  Suffolk and Wisbech, though positions are usually available UK-wide.
  • Education: veterinary degree
  • RCVS registration or ability to obtain it
  • Experience: previous experience preferred but not essential; training will be provided
  • English: advanced level of  written and spoken English
  • Driving licence: B category – mandatory

Your tasks will likely vary from day to day but will include the following:

  • You’ll be responsible for the completion of EHCs. This means you’ll have to check the requirements and the certificates’ notes for guidance and current legislation and will need to gather the necessary supporting documents You’ll also have to inspect the export vehicles, goods, integrity of the packaging and labelling.
  • You’ll need to take photographic evidence throughout the export, as indicated in the booking form, then upload them to the working IT space
  • You’ll supervise the loading and complete the sealing of the container. Take photographic evidence of the sealed container
  • After accurately completing the EHC and sending the appropriate documentation to the agreed timescale, you’ll email certified copies to all relevant parties
  • As an Export Official Veterinarian you will need to establish and maintain productive working relationships with exporter customers. This demands an effective and confident communicator, who is able to build good working relationships and sort out issues as they arise
  • You’ll need to be able to write up detailed reports and understand legislative issues so that you can make effective decisions when required
  • Difficult situations will arise occasionally as part of the job and you’ll need to be the sort of person with the necessary diplomatic and communication skills to sort these out.
  • And you’ll need to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the exporting sector
  • A 35 to 40 hours working week (days and times will depend on the position awarded). Overtime might be required to meet a deadline, while you may have to work outside normal working hours occasionally
  • Some travel between different export locations, which is why a driving license is essential
  • You’ll have to be physically fit; the working conditions might sometimes be hot or cold; and you’ll be expected to wear protective clothing such as boots, hats, overalls and safety jackets based on the health & safety requirements of the export locations
  • You may need to manage a team of Certificate Support Officers (CSOs)
  • Each Export Official Veterinarian will  work closely with Eville & Jones clients.