Our onboarding process


Because we know that our business is at its best when our people are at their best, we empower and inform them throughout their career, starting with relocation advice and the best possible onboarding experience. This stands them in good stead in their first year and is the foundation for a confident, happy and engaged professional force.

Our welcoming, dedicated recruitment and support teams see to it that every newly hired staff member is introduced to Eville & Jones properly – helping them fully understand their new post, job requirements, where they fit in the organisation and who they can speak to for ongoing support and development.

  1. You will be advised of and helped to secure all passport, visa and professional membership requirements needed to live and work in the UK ahead of your arrival.
  2. We will also guide you on all pay, equipment provided, benefits and terms and conditions – including staff pension scheme.
  3. We will ensure that you understand the UK’s statutory rules for driving and our own rules on car use. We will even provide you with a UK driving instructor, to help you get used to driving here.
  4. Your employment will start with an induction day, where we first complete all necessary paperwork on taxes; National Insurance; employment terms and check qualifications, relevant experience/references, ID papers, driving licence and rights to work.
  5. You will then be familiarised with the company, your role and its contribution to the business and assigned and briefed on your first work location.
  6. This session will also include an introduction to our wellbeing manager and qualified Mental Health First Aiders, who support all staff encountering any psychological difficulties or practical problems, in strictest confidence and non-judgementally.
  7. You will be helped to find permanent accommodation near your main plant (this may include financial support) before beginning a comprehensive training programme for your particular role at the site.
  8. During this period, you will be mentored by a nominated supervisor. They will provide support and encouragement through theoretical and practical assessments to help you achieve the performance standards required by law, as well as Eville & Jones’ own high thresholds. It is likely that you will also shadow experienced colleagues during this time until you qualify.

Stress-free and reassuring, our onboarding process is designed to get you off to the best possible start, while answering all questions and addressing your concerns.  It includes help with RCVS-registration and obtaining a Skilled Worker visa (a necessity following Brexit for many roles). You can also take part in an array of instructive webinars prior to your arrival and following your appointment.


Supporting new employees


We have many multilingual recruiters and HRs, who ensure that everything is expressed plainly in your own language, to avoid any possibility of misunderstanding. We can also put you in touch with established colleagues from your homeland who can advise you and help you settle into your new role and new life.  Our recruitment and support staff understand the importance of having this kind of connection when starting a life in a new country – as most experienced it personally when they joined us.

We have done this across many countries, making us a multi-cultural company with vets from 25 countries.