Our PIA services represent a cost-effective, flexible and hassle-free alternative to FBOs employing their own inspection staff. As the poultry industry moves increasingly towards PIA inspection systems our business is geared up to meet the increased demand this will inevitably bring.

The benefits of a PIA system

There are acknowledged advantages in official control functions being delivered by a PIA team. These are primarily associated with the following:

Commitment to corporate objectives

Ease of management







We utilise only highly trained professional staff to carry out the duties of Plant Inspection Assistants on behalf of FBOs. These individuals are well trained in the wider aspects of food safety and quality assurance. Our Plant Inspection Assistants are well-placed to take on additional quality assurance duties and add value to the core inspection function.

In-house Plant Inspection Assistantssystems inevitably incur additional management input, in terms of the recruitment, training, supervision, coordination, substitution (sick leave, holidays etc), HR, employee relations and payroll.

Our customers benefit because we take full responsibility for these activities as part of our fully managed service, giving the FBO all the advantages of a PIA system -such as improved control, efficient utilisation and team spirit – without any of the associated management burden and cost.

Delivery options

We specialise in providing fully managed services in a range of different deployment scenarios. Our team are fully committed to working with our customers to tailor our service to meet their needs.

Our PIA services range from fully outsourced PIA solutions through to ad hoc/’top-up’ cover, seasonal resourcing, or supplementing existing FBO or hybrid systems.