At E&J, we value diversity and have almost 1,000 colleagues from over 50 countries working across our roles. We work hard to support those joining us from overseas, helping our international team members to get settled in the UK and build a happy life here. From Spain to Slovakia, our colleagues come from all over the world, and last June we added São Tomé and Príncipe to the long list of countries on our staff roll after welcoming Diandra Nascimento to the team.

Bringing great enthusiasm, Diandra joined us as a Meat Hygiene Inspector after leaving her remote and beautiful home country which sits off the west coast of Africa.

Speaking about her experience joining E&J, she said: “I was excited about this opportunity because E&J has a strong reputation for its commitment to food and safety and I wanted to be part of that. Working in this field is incredibly fulfilling, knowing that I am contributing to the wellbeing of both people and animals. And getting to know many people from different cultures is one of the most interesting things so far. Every day at work is a day of learning and exchanging experiences since it’s the first time I’m working in this field.”

Before her big move, Diandra studied veterinary medicine in Mozambique and worked as a veterinary surgeon in the country’s capital, Maputo.

Outside of work, she is a keen traveller and is making the most of her move to the UK by exploring our landmark cities, towns and countryside, having already visited London, Bath and Bristol.

When asked about the strong diversity in our workforce, she said: “People get the chance to know from a native about other countries or even get to know countries they’d never heard of such as mine. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures and respect our differences.”

Diandra’s story is just one example of the careers we’ve helped to progress within the UK, with many of our veterinary professionals joining from overseas. Moving to the UK is a big commitment, and we strive to help all international colleagues settle into their new lives through a supportive onboarding process, including interactive inductions, expert guidance and rewarding career development plans.

We are specialists in supporting this transition and understand the initial challenges that moving abroad can bring, such as opening a bank account, finding a home, or learning to drive on the left-hand side of the road. Our team of experts are here to welcome you to the E&J team and give you the best possible start, while answering any questions you may have along the way.

To find out more about our career opportunities, head to our Join the Team page.