We can proudly say that we are the principle provider of outsourced official veterinary controls throughout England & Wales.

Our dedicated and highly trained team deliver audit, verification and enforcement services in the fields of animal health, public health and animal welfare.

Our strength lies in the competence of our staff and the management team delivering our core service. Our people are our success: our teams have a wide range of skills and expertise built over the 27 years that we have been in business – ensuring that most requirements can be met directly from within the team.

The company is recognised as the clear UK industry leader and is well connected to key decision-makers throughout Europe and further afield.

Vision statement

“Eville & Jones is committed to the safeguarding of public health and to maintaining the food supply chain through all our essential activities, while ensuring the protection of animal welfare. We highly value both our customers and our family of dedicated professional people. We get it done, we do it well, we make a difference.”