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Eville & Jones is the UK’s largest provider of public health veterinary services, and we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of every individual customer.

We safeguard animal welfare. We ensure food is safe to eat.  We enable international trade.

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Phenna Group acquires Eville & Jones

Headquartered in Nottingham, UK, Phenna Group’s aim is to invest in and partner with selected niche, independent Testing, Inspection, Certification

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Eville & Jones explains: Everything you need to know about bluetongue virus

In the heart of UK farming communities, the emergence of infectious diseases among livestock is a persistent concern. Among these

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Eville & Jones showcases careers at London Vet Show 2023

We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who came to visit us at this year’s London Vet Show

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Awards delight for Ioana Dobre at Women In Meat Industry Awards

Ioana Dobre, Business Development Manager at Eville & Jones, has picked up a prestigious award in recognition of her outstanding


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