Veterinary Official Controls

E&J specialise in the provision of veterinary official control services and meat inspection services to the UK government Food Standards Agency (FSA)

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Official Veterinarian Services

Established in 1993, we are Europe's largest provider of OV services in fresh meat establishments.

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Meat Inspection Services

Supervising more than 75% of the British meat industry and are the sole GB provider to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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Plant Inspection Assistants (PIAs)

Providing the UK poultry industry with PIAs to undertake statutory post-mortem inspection duties on behalf of food business operators (FBOs).

Export Health Certification

We are the largest provider of EHC services for products of animal origin, trusted throughout the sector by large corporations as well as small artisan exporters.

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E&J issues 37,000 EHCs each year


Liaison with APHA, FSA and Local Authorities


Our team of Export Vets and Certification Support Officers is the largest, most expert and best distributed in the UK

Small Animal Clinics

Our team of dedicated veterinary professionals provide microchipping, vaccinations, boosters and other clinical services at Jollyes Community Pet Clinics.

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Vaccinations for dogs

These include first and second jab, annual booster, Kennel Cough and vaccinations for life.

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Vaccinations for cats

These include first and second jab, annual booster including Leukaemia and vaccinations for life.

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Rabbit vaccinations

These include Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD).

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This includes microchipping for all small animals and logging the identification number on a secure database.

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Flea & worming

We provide flea and worm products for routine treatment at customer request.

Portal Inspection

We are able to provide Border Control Posts (BCP) with qualified veterinary surgeons to fulfil all requirements for animal products as well as live animal and by-product importation and export.

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These portal services can be provided on a short or long-term basis and the service type can be closely tailored to meet the requirements of individual customers, whether a Competent Authority, or a private industry client.

In addition to providing Official Controls, E&J is also able to deliver training and consultancy in this field within a large range of specific areas, from border inspection post design through to quality system establishment and enablement.

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