Here at E&J, we employ veterinary professionals from all over the world, helping them to get settled in the UK and build a successful career with us. Every new starter is given a detailed and supportive induction by our Talent Team, which includes everything they need to begin their E&J journey.

Silvia Trobo Villa is one of our recent new starters here at E&J, joining us as an Official Veterinarian. Originally from Spain, Silvia has worked as an Official Veterinarian in France, before moving to the UK to help us safeguard the welfare of 1.2 billion animals each year.

We asked Silvia about her first week with us and her move to the UK, along with her experience working as an OV in France. Here’s what she said…

What made you want to join E&J?

I wanted to build on my knowledge in public health and animal welfare, as well as improving my English. I previously worked for a slaughterhouse in France as an import/export OV. After hearing a lot of great things about E&J, I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to continue my career.

How has the onboarding process been? How have E&J helped you settle into UK life?

I’ve received a warm welcome in the UK, along with detailed training which would be amazing for any veterinarian. The learning procedures are very good and everyone has been really supportive. It’s a great place for international recruits to work as the information is detailed and the trainers speak slowly and clearly. Everyone is very helpful and make it easy to move to the UK and get settled with accommodation.

Have you seen any differences between working practices in France and the UK?

The administration procedures are the only little differences I’ve noticed so far, but this may change as I get further into my role.

What do you enjoy most about the Official Veterinarian role?

OV duties are so important for public health – our role bridges the gap between farm and fork, which is very important for society. We make sure food is safe and stop different diseases, which keeps the public healthy and ensures animal welfare is maintained.

What do you love about living abroad?

I love learning about other cultures and improving my language skills. It opens your mind to the language and culture and shows the different ways we have to say the same things. The experience is really beneficial.

What are you looking forward to in this role?

Developing my skills as an OV. Long term, I would like to do other parts of the Official Veterinarian role, e.g. red meat, export or import. I think this will be a great way to develop on my experience.

Do you have any other comments?

I feel really good coming here and had a really warm welcome, with very detailed explanations. The induction was very supportive and I’m incredibly grateful to be here.

We wish Silvia all the best with her career here at E&J and hope to catch up with her soon.

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