Eville & Jones is proudly celebrating 30 years of serving the food industry as the UK’s largest provider of public health veterinary services.

After a shared passion for animal welfare brought our founders Pete Eville and Rob Jones together for the launch of our company in 1993, we now employ almost 1,000 veterinary professionals working across the nation.

Our dedicated staff play a crucial role in ensuring food is safe to eat, working with both the public and private sectors to safeguarded over 1 billion animals and 60 million consumers each year, also enabling businesses to export £15billion of high-quality British products around the world.

The Eville & Jones story is a remarkable tale of achievement and growth, and it began after Pete and Rob met at veterinary school in Bristol in 1982.

Soon after graduating, Pete set up his own mixed practice in Derbyshire, while Rob developed his career in companion animal practices in London and Australia.

Then, in 1993, when significant changes were made to the regulation of abattoirs, the pair recognised an increased need for veterinary supervision within the UK meat industry and started winning contracts to meet this demand.

Eville & Jones has since seen huge growth and we are the Food Standards Agency’s sole supplier of meat inspection services in all abattoirs in England and Wales, as well as the UK’s largest provider of Export Health Certification services for products of animal origin.

“Eville & Jones has come a very long way since Pete and I first had a spark of inspiration,” Rob said.

“Using Pete’s Derbyshire practice as a launchpad, we won contracts for veterinary supervision of fresh meat premises with several nearby local authorities, initially working ourselves as hands-on Official Veterinarians.

“One of the key factors which set Eville & Jones apart from all its many competitors at the time was the professionalism of its workforce. At our core is the ability to recruit, train and deploy outstanding vets, meat hygiene inspectors and other expert professionals which we refer to as heroes.”

Underpinning our success over the last 30 years has been a long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as the drive and determination of our founders.

Eville & Jones is led by Chief Executive Charles Hartwell who since joining three years ago has introduced a new company vision, including a programme of cultural and operational change.

Rob added: “Headed by Charles Hartwell, who joined us in June 2020, and his trusted leadership team, our organisation has cemented its position commercially and made significant improvements in the way we operate.

“Looking to the future, our ambitions for improvement and growth continue. We are looking to double the size of our business over the next five years by both growing our existing service offerings and launching new ones so that Eville & Jones are the natural choice for compliance, veterinary and public health solutions from farm to fork throughout the food chain.”