Charles Hartwell’s interview with Meat Management magazine

In the latest edition of Meat Management magazine our CEO, Charles Hartwell, discusses  the impact of Brexit and Covid on the supply of official veterinarians, and outlines his plans for our company’s future.

Charles highlights how the UK’s departure from the EU made the recruitment of vets from the continent more challenging due to a high language requirement being introduced as a prerequisite to being granted a UK visa.  The ensuing supply squeeze of OVs was then exacerbated by an increased demand for OV’s to service the export industry, as following Brexit, all export consignments (containing products of animal origin) from the UK needed a veterinarian to fulfill the then newly introduced Export Health Certification.

Charles also discussed his passion for culture change and how that attracted him to Eville & Jones.  Beyond that he discusses the company’s relationship with the FSA and his ambitions for the company’s future.

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