Eville & Jones is proud to be a sponsor of the annual British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) conference. Running from 28th to 30th March at the ICC Birmingham, it unites academia and industry in critical areas of animal science and technology, creating international debate on the requirement for animal science to meet challenging and changing needs. This year’s theme is Animal science: delivering for all our needs.

Eville & Jones Sponsors – One World – One Health – One Welfare

Sponsoring the One World – One Health – One Welfare session at BSAS 2023, Eville & Jones is the UK’s largest provider of Veterinary Public Health services, employing more than 900 professionals. Recently entering the more scientific space within Veterinary Public Health, including supporting DEFRA with field trials for a new Bovine TB vaccine; we are further developing our services in the animal science space, exploring commercial opportunities, and offering exciting career pathways to animal scientists.

Looking forward to the opportunity to engage with industry experts and students, Charles Hartwell, CEO comments, “Eville & Jones is delighted to sponsor “One World-One Health-One Welfare” at the BSAS Conference 2023. It is an exciting opportunity to be involved in building the bridge between animal scientists and veterinary public health professionals to deliver a lasting impact on health and welfare.”

One World – One Health – One Welfare

This joint session with The Veterinary Public Health Association (VPHA) explores how we can deliver a more significant impact on animal science through animal scientists and veterinary professionals working together, focusing on one health.

The VPHA is a division of the British Veterinary Association and aims to further the advancement of veterinary public health within the UK and abroad. Consisting of veterinarians and allied professionals, the VPHA is actively involved in developing legislation, delivering training, and promoting the veterinarian’s role in public health.

Invited Speakers:

Mark Eisler | University of Bristol | What does a veterinary perspective bring to animal science?

Milorad Radakovic | University of Cambridge | Understanding veterinary public health and the contribution of vets (working with others) to wider society

Mike Jessop | VPHA President | Veterinary public health and small animal practice: Less known examples of the benefits of networking and working with others

About BSAS

The British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) aims to raise awareness and understanding of animal science and its value throughout the chain to the end user. It also supports those involved in animal science and its application.

Founded in 1944, BSAS is a charity that works to improve the understanding of all aspects of animal science and to ensure research and knowledge transfer has practical and beneficial application.

They work with science and industry specialists to provide improvements in the:

  • welfare and productivity of farmed animals to help produce quality, safe and environmentally sustainable food;
  • animal health and welfare, and the care of equine, companion, and zoo animals.