It was, “Lights, camera, action…” when a film crew visited our UK head office earlier this week to gather footage for a series of video introductions on Eville & Jones.

The exercise saw our Chief Executive Officer, Charles Hartwell, talking direct to camera and included a presentation on the company for an international university veterinary conference we will be ‘virtually’ attending in the Ukraine next week.

It was all part of an exciting multimedia communications campaign, a key component of an ambitious recruitment drive aimed at attracting top performing veterinary graduates both in the UK and overseas.

Eville & Jones has seen an unprecedented increase in customer demand for both import inspection and export certification services of meat and products containing ingredients of animal origin as UK businesses prepare for a post transition regulatory environment (for more information please visit our Export Health Certification page).

Charles Hartwell said: “The current changes to the political landscape have provided both opportunities and challenges to our customers. We are looking to build on our 700 strong team of meat inspectors and public health veterinarians to ensure that our customers are fully ready for 01 January. We are therefore embarking on a ‘Covid safe’ recruitment drive both in the UK and overseas.”


Eville & Jones is proud to be the principle provider of outsourced official veterinary controls throughout England & Wales.

Our dedicated and highly trained field force is the largest and most expert in Europe and delivers audit, verification and enforcement services in the critically important fields of animal health, public health and animal welfare.

Our people are our success and our greatest asset: our teams have a wide range of skills and expertise built over the 27 years that we have been in business – ensuring that most requirements can be met directly by our top talent.

Eville & Jones is committed to the safeguarding of public health and to maintaining the food supply chain through all our essential activities, while ensuring the protection of animal welfare. We highly value both our customers and our family of dedicated professional people. We get it done, we do it well, we make a difference.

We employ veterinary professionals from many countries and remain fully signed up to this approach despite many challenges, including Brexit: we are proud of the widely diverse, international make-up of our teams.

What Eville & Jones can offer is an opportunity to work with an established, successful global organisation that has ambitious growth plans. You will work with highly experienced people who will support you to develop your knowledge and skills. And as you grow, you will have the chance to work in other parts of the country – or even the world.

People are our passion and strength: we have launched thousands of successful veterinary careers in the UK and around the world. We are driven by a mission to support new graduates building their futures and experienced veterinarians focusing and developing rewarding pathways within the food safety sector.

The success of our business is based on our people. We have a family culture here and look forward to welcoming you to the team. Would you like to be a part of the biggest and best practitioner in its field – an industry leader whose vision is to protect the health of millions of meat product consumers around the UK and globally?

Would you like to join the team that has unbeatable opportunities for you to develop your potential, and offers hugely rewarding prospects?

If so, please get in touch.