Join us in celebrating our brilliant apprentices throughout National Apprenticeship Week 2022.

As some of you may know this week, the week of the 7th of February 2022, is National Apprenticeship Week. National Apprenticeship Week is an annual Government organised event that takes place over one week to celebrate apprentices across England. This year, Eville & Jones are taking the opportunity to celebrate the apprentices that work within our central support team in Leeds.

Our people are a core strength of our business and therefore Eville & Jones are proud to support home grown talent through the multitude of apprenticeships that we offer. From Business Administration to Cyber Security, we welcome apprentices across all disciplines.

Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week, we heard from four of our apprentices first-hand. Nick, who is 15 months into his Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship, James, who is a few months from finishing his Assistant Accounting (ATT) apprenticeship, Paige, who is over a year into completing her Level 4 Business Administration apprenticeship and Philip, who is 6 months into his Level 4 Cyber Security Technician apprenticeship.

All four of our apprentices commented on their experience of completing their apprenticeship while being a valued colleague at Eville & Jones.

So, why did our apprentices choose to complete an apprenticeship? Our apprentices seemed to agree that an apprenticeship offered the opportunity to learn about their specific educational field whilst earning money and rapidly becoming acquainted with the internal functions of a business.

“I wanted to get straight into the world of work and an apprenticeship allowed me to do this” – Nick

All four of the apprentices were motivated by their enjoyment of learning, claiming this as an aspect of their apprenticeship that they most enjoy. Embarking upon an apprenticeship journey not only provides the opportunity to learn new skills but it also helps to combine education knowledge with your role within a workplace. James stated, “I have enjoyed being able to add context to the work I complete day-today at Eville & Jones” whilst explaining that working as an apprentice at Eville & Jones has allowed him to build the organisational knowledge that he might not have known had he taken another educational route.

For someone who enjoys learning, Eville & Jones invests in continual training and development opportunities for all, regardless of specialism or background. Our apprentices are treated as one of the family and benefit from access to unrivalled internal training delivered in-house by our Learning and Development team.

“One of my biggest passions is to learn new things and gain a better understanding of how things work, and in my chosen field this never ends, so combine that with the fact that I am in an apprenticeship, a fast track in education, its double the fun” – Philip

We are thrilled that our colleagues have a passion for learning new skills and building their organisational knowledge. Nevertheless, we do appreciate that juggling work and studies can be a challenge. Eville & Jones are committed to creating an environment where our apprentices are fully supported every step of the way. We want to guide our apprentices and support them to grow within their role and the business and we are honoured to be able to support their learning, development, and career growth, after all, our apprentices are our future.

To ensure that our apprentices have the necessary space to learn and develop within their role, we accommodate study time and offer real responsibility. Additionally, Eville & Jones aim to promote the natural growth of knowledge over time, as opposed to overwhelming our apprentices by exposing them to too much at a rapid pace.

“As an apprentice, I’ve got an excellent opportunity to develop my career and have been trusted by the business from the very first day. I appreciate that Eville & Jones have provided me with the space to learn and to grow into my role” – James