This year we have been working hard to strengthen our operational teams. At Eville and Jones we know that having the right people in the right roles is extremely important. It helps us to deliver our business plans more efficiently and ensures we leverage the skills and experience of our colleagues to the maximum. That’s why we recently announced some changes across the business, that would involve the creation of several new management roles, with new job titles and new responsibilities. We also announced some of our colleagues that were being promoted into these exciting new positions.

What does the new structure look like?

The new structure of our MNT will retain the 3 regions aligned to those used by the FSA – North, East, and West & Wales and each of these regions remains split into a series of defined geographic areas.

The responsibility of overseeing each region will continue to sit with Jose Teja, Radu Sirbu and Jurgita Mejeryte each with the new job title of Regional Director to reflect their seniority. However, instead of the old structure of Area Veterinary Managers and Area Resource Managers there will now be an improved field management structure consisting of Area Managers, Technical Managers and Operations Managers.

How will this improve Eville & Jones?

This structure is a lot more streamlined and allows for much more efficiency, leading to an undoubtedly enhanced service delivery, helping us improve our ability to react to our customers’ needs.

Promotions and new roles

In addition to these changes, we have recently promoted a trio of our most senior vets, Ester Benguerel, Patricia Gonzalez, and Georgios Kakarantzas into the positions of National Technical Leads. As well as supporting our technical managers to deliver the highest technical standards of service delivery, our technical leads will advocate changes in legislation/regulatory guidance with the objective of maintaining UK veterinary public health as effective, efficient, and relevant to all stakeholders.

We are super excited about the new management structure and we hope it will help accelerate us on our journey.


NMT structure