We are starting another round of dynamic, educational careers webinars for qualified vets, who are in demand as Official Veterinarians with us in the UK, from Monday.

Our Turkish event will inform and advise those who want to start a public health career here, in a fulfilling, well-rewarded OV role. Hosted by Juan Avila and Haluk Anil, 15th February, 09:00 – 11:00 GMT, you can sign up here.

Our lively, instructional webinars for Italian vets seeking fantastic opportunities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland continue, 19th Feb, 16:00 – 18:00 GMT, when Benedetto Davi and Carmelo Scattareggia will talk them through our many food hygiene OV opportunities. Register here.

The sessions continue with a new Spanish language webinar for Spain, Venezuela and Mexico, 23rd February, starting 17:00 GMT, with Juan Avila, while Andrei Ungureanu will host a Romanian event on the 25th. The time is yet to be confirmed for that one, so watch this space for updates!

You can sign up for the Spanish session here and the Romanian webinar here – or visit our events page.

Brexit has meant many more Official Veterinarians and Export Official Veterinarians are needed now to cope with the huge increase in documentation required for meat exports to the EU from 1st January 2021, when full implementation of the UK’s departure came into being (see Export Health Certification – the complete service).  

Don’t miss out. Register now. It could change your life!