The deadline to vote for the members you want on the council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is edging closer and we’ve been catching up with our very own Regional Manager, Radu Sirbu, who is standing for election. Here we find out what Radu Sirbu would bring to the role and the key things he stands for.

If you were elected, what would you focus on?

Veterinary Public Health (VPH) is an integral part of day-to-day work for thousands of veterinary professionals. Official Veterinarians working in slaughterhouses examine more animals than any other group of vets and have been responsible for identifying notifiable disease on several occasions. In fact, no trade of live animals and animal products can take place without vets, and I am committed to developing a wider understanding of this amongst our profession and the British public. If elected, I will work hard to enhance the understanding of the different career opportunities VPH can offer, particularly to those who are considering a move away from practice or those who seek more flexible working patterns. I will drive for accessible training opportunities within VPH, and I will work to establish interesting and challenging career pathways.

What are the main pressures in the industry right now?

There are problems in the industry, Brexit and the introduction of the Level 7 English language requirement have created real problems, some of which I just don’t understand. I think as an industry we need to offer more support to our vets rather than putting barriers in place. There are a lot of decisions being taken in the industry which I simply don’t understand. People who were accepted in the industry for years we now consider aren’t good enough. That’s a really difficult message for some people to hear.

What changes would you make right away?

There are simple changes that can make a huge difference right now. Changes to the profession  have not just exacerbated the recruitment problems we face, but have also made some existing practitioners feel less valued. I also passionately believe that vet welfare is essential for animal welfare, and I plan to champion wellbeing support across all areas of our profession. I want to ensure that proper wellbeing support is offered to everyone regardless of specialism or background. From the newest graduates to the longest serving members of the college, we all deserve the opportunity to have a job which provides a healthy work/life balance and for which we receive suitable remuneration. As such, I will campaign tirelessly to ensure that these issues achieve the priority they deserve.

What is a key message you would like to get across?  

The issue of acceptance, of breaking down barriers, be they cultural, ethnic or professional is key for me – this, my love of public health work and my commitment to bringing it into the mainstream of the veterinary industry. I consider I’m really lucky to do what I do. Can we get better? Of course we can. There are lots of things we can improve on, but first we should always remember what we’ve got.


To watch Radu’s election video visit Vote 4 Radu – YouTube

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Vote Radu