You never know what life is going to throw at you and when the opportunity to move to the UK came, I decided to take it. I was at the end of my Veterinary Science degree and had no idea what I was going to do when I graduated from university. It was at this point that I discovered Eville & Jones, which led to some fantastic life experiences over the last five years. This is the story:


Where it all began…

In April 2015, I was I was thinking about what I would do after leaving Leon University. I already knew that the situation for graduate veterinarians in Spain was not good, as you are expected to just accept poor employment conditions and prospects no matter how bad they are. It made me question whether it was worth continuing my career in my home country or move to the UK – and I was even considering working in McDonald’s or a supermarket until I could figure out what route I should take.

Even though I thought all hope was lost, choices then presented themselves. I was invited to do an internship in Lisbon after being part of the Erasmus Programme – an intercultural exchange scheme that helps students study abroad for a more rounded, global education. The placement did sound good but I knew it might not become a permanent position and I was unsure whether to take that risk. Shortly before the end of my course, I started filling out the internship paperwork as I had no other options, then straight after my exams finished, my teacher emailed me an advert for an MHI position with Eville & Jones!


Taking a risk

I read it and thought to myself “Move to the UK – why not?!”.  It was then I realised I had never composed a professional CV before and spent hours writing and perfecting one on the Friday; sent it on the Saturday; was invited to interview on the Tuesday; had it on the Thursday morning by teleconference – and was offered a position that very afternoon! I could not believe it – and neither could my friends! They kept telling me, “This sounds too good to be true – it must be a scam!”


Arriving in the UK

Of course, it was not a scam and just a few weeks later I arrived in the middle of the English spring, with so many beautiful flowers everywhere, which has now become one of my favourite things about living in the UK. I was made to feel right at home and I made new friends very quickly as we were all in the same position and wanted to support each other. I was also given my very own company car, which gave me so much freedom to explore!  I was so thankful to have the time to really get to know people and places after moving to the UK.


Time to adjust, opportunities to progress

I thought I would find it quite difficult to settle in but found the reverse to be true.  When it came to the job, even though Meat Hygiene was not my specialism, I was able to quickly adapt with the support of my new colleagues, which led to me being recommended for the Official Veterinarian course within two months of me moving to the UK. This really made me feel like the company was investing in me and I felt so happy to be in a career with meaningful progression.

These days I’m more focused on quality and hygiene, ensuring containers from one of the UK’s largest poultry operations, arrive at their intended destinations in excellent condition.  The work involves inspecting the products and their health certificates.

We are also involved with exporters to the Caribbean (Haiti, Trinidad, Barbados), Africa (Angola, Mozambique, Guinea) and Asia (Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore), ensuring the highest levels of hygiene are maintained.

Im also regularly involved with a local Community Pet Clinic (CPC) which is E&J offers the pet superstore Jollyes.  Some of their shops provide a little veterinarian cabinet once a week for 3 hours. So E&J veterinarians like me, go to do vaccinations, microchipping, and flea/ worming treatments in a corner of the shop.


Even though today I really do miss living by the sea and with my family, I have been made to feel so welcome here in England and I also feel valued as an employee by Eville & Jones. I really enjoy working somewhere that has high standards of animal welfare and I have made some marvellous friends. If you are a vet looking to move to the UK to develop your career, then Eville & Jones, in my opinion, is the best place to start.

Alejandra and cat