Our Business Development Manager, Ioana Dobre, has opened up on the diverse work that veterinary public health offers and why her journey from starting out as an Official Veterinarian (OV) has been a huge personal success.

Speaking to Veterinary-Practice.com, Ioana describes the crucial work that she and other experts at Eville & Jones do to protect the welfare of animals and consumers, and also ensure the distribution of high-quality British products around the world.

“It is a fulfilling but challenging career that requires years of study, compassion for animals and lots of passion for public health,” she said.

“What I am most proud of in the work we do as OVs is the fact that we are playing a key role in helping to safeguard the welfare of 1.2 billion animals while ensuring our food is safe to eat.”

Ioana has been a valued member of the Eville & Jones family for over five years and within that time has enjoyed remarkable success by progressing within the company. She began her career working in abattoirs in the north of England and has since been promoted to Area Resource Manager and later onto the role of Area Veterinary Manager due to her drive and determination.

Now specialising in exports as one of our Business Development Managers, she is responsible for acquiring new business and overseeing commercial customer relations at a time of big change post-Brexit.

Reflecting on her time as an OV, Ioana added: “I’ve learned that, as OVs, we never stop learning. I am constantly challenged, especially as a certifying officer, with the rules and regulations for the EU changing so often.

“The best teachers during these recent years have been the certifying officer colleagues I’ve worked with, not just within my company but from other certification practices.

“Together, we have overcome the unknowns and hurdles of Brexit and supported each other in the learning process. It’s been #teamwork at its best!”

To read Ioana’s interview with Veterinary-Practice.com in full, click here.

Her feature comes as the countdown is now on until the return of the OV Conference Online next month. Ioana will be a guest speaker on day three of the 19th to 21st September event which is organised by Improve Veterinary Education and champions the crucial roles of Official Veterinarians.

Ioana will give a presentation on the farm-to-fork journey of an export product as seen through the eyes of an OV, highlighting why this work is so important to public health, animal welfare and international trade.

For more information on the event, click here.

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