Eville & Jones Attend Bristol University Recruitment Fair

Last week we sent some of our representatives to the University of Bristol Vet School recruitment fair – not only is this a prestigious veterinary university in the UK, but it’s also the place where the Eville & Jones story began with our founders Rob Jones and Peter Eville. The Vet school play host to the official OV course as part of their curriculum, meaning that students can get a veterinary degree and qualify as an official veterinarian as part of that same degree.

Who attended the University fair?

The event was mainly attended by final year students looking for career advice and wanting to explore opportunities available to them. We were one of 20 businesses represented, but we were also the only organisation representing Veterinary Public Health.


What was the purpose of attending the fair?

The purpose of attending the University fair was to raise the profile of Eville & Jones and to seed Veterinary Public Health as a viable, attractive career option with soon-to-be veterinary graduates. Most of the attendees we spoke to were considering working in export certification alongside other areas of veterinary work such as small animal / general practice – which is great news.


What were the key takeaways?

There were many takeaways from the recruitment fair for both ourselves and the attendees.  Apart from one lucky winner taking away a magnum of Champagne to celebrate us signing 70k export health certificates since January 2021, we were delighted to have added 40 people to our mailing list.

Several students wanted to explore if they can do their 200 hours practical experience (required to become an OV) with us – which is excellent – and we had some genuine interest in the career opportunities that we can provide.

Our attendance forms part of our ongoing student engagement programme working with Nottingham, Bristol and Harper & Keele universities. The latter will be holding an Eville & Jones Summer Ball for over 300 students, in association with their vet society.


Students at careers fair