Hi everyone,

Don’t sleepwalk into crippling Export Health Certification problems in January 2021.

My name is Ioana Dobre and I am Eville & Jones’ new business development manager. My background is one of practical hands-on experience in your sector, which has given me in-depth specialist knowledge of the pressures, demands and regulations your business must operate to. 

A strong track record in official veterinary control, meat inspection and public health began as an Official Vet for Eville & Jones, going on to serve as Area Resource Manager, then Area Veterinary Manager, before my most recent appointment. 

As well as introducing myself, I wanted to start a conversation about a serious issue that you may know about or might not, as it requires exporters to act now. If mishandled, it could add huge costs to your operation, even threaten it entirely.

From 1st January 2021, when the Brexit transition period ends, it is very likely that anyone sending meat, dairy, fish, other products of animal origin or germplasm to EU member states must have all consignments checked and certified by an Official Veterinarian. This will be one of the most seismic trade changes in nearly 50 years, as free movement of goods between the UK and EU ends.

Companies who have never had to secure Export Health Certification from an OV before and are entirely unfamiliar with the process will be hit particularly hard. Those unprepared in January are set to suffer major supply change disruption and loss of competitive advantage.

Although we are awaiting confirmation on precisely what export rules will be in place for meat and animal products, it is almost certain that some vet checks will be required – and you will need to know about EHC if your goods leave the UK for any destination. Now is the time to prepare. Nothing should be postponed. 

As such, Eville & Jones has already geared up for all possible scenarios – from every trade agreement permutation to the hardest of Brexits to WTO rules. Our people and expertise are in place to support you every step of the way through any new export regime, 24/7 and UK-wide.

The nationwide team is growing fast and we can work by the consignment, by the hour or embed a top-notch crew of any size into your 24/7 operation permanently. And with a technical expertise that is second to none, our export vets ensure EHC fulfilment is smooth, rapid and problem-free.

Eville & Jones supervises more than 75% of the British meat industry and our professional 700-strong field force of export vets and Certification Support Officers (CSOs) is the largest and most expert in the UK – and the best distributed. This means that, wherever you are and whatever your certification needs, we can supply the highest calibre professionals to meet them. 

We are here to help and I would like to discuss with you what you know about Export Health Certification and your anticipated needs in a new vet check landscape. What are your predictions for January and where will you need people?

I will call you soon to introduce myself in person and chat about the issues and how we can support you in the run up to January and beyond, so you can continue to export to the EU smoothly and profitably.

Read about how our Export Health Certification service can help your business: https://www.eandj.co.uk/export-health-certification/ 

If you would prefer to contact me in the meantime, you can reach me at ioana.dobre@eandj.co.uk or call me on +44 (0) 113 2 840 405 or +44 (0) 7794 276791.

Ioana Dobre, Business Development Manager Eville & Jones,