World Food Safety Day was founded to increase awareness of how foodborne illnesses can be prevented, detected and managed, in the hope that we can strengthen efforts to ensure food is safe. It is critical that food is kept safe at every stage, from production to consumption, in order to avoid contamination for consumers.

At E&J we are committed to food safety, with our veterinary professionals working in abattoirs, meat processing plants and portals across the UK, carrying out essential checks to ensure all processes are followed and all meat products are safe.

Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the things our veterinary professionals do to make sure food is safe:

  • Conduct inspections in abattoirs to ensure meat is safe to eat
  • Monitor animal welfare at slaughter
  • Ensure the safe transport and care of animals
  • Check that the correct procedures are being followed and seizing any meat which isn’t produced in line with food hygiene requirements
  • Provide health certification for fresh meat
  • Ensure any risk material is handled and disposed of correctly
  • Check meat/meat products for infectious diseases, which can be deadly to consumers
  • Check meat at import/export, verifying that it meets regulations

Without the hard work of veterinary professionals, the risk to consumers would be high and cases of foodborne illness would increase exponentially. So many people work within the food industry and beyond to keep our food safe, which is something that shouldn’t go unrecognised.

To acknowledge World Food Safety Day, we asked our National Technical Lead for Food Safety & Animal Welfare, Ester Benguerel, to share her thoughts on the importance of food safety:

“We must always reflect on the importance of ensuring the safety of our food. Every bite we take should be both delicious and free from potential harm. Behind the scenes, Official Veterinarians play an essential and significant role in safeguarding the food supply chain, ensuring that all meat is not only appetising but also safe for human consumption.

Food safety is not simply a matter of convenience; it’s a fundamental necessity for our health and wellbeing. Contaminated food can lead to multiple illnesses, from mild stomach upsets to severe and sometimes fatal diseases.

E&J Official Veterinarians are at the forefront of ensuring food safety at every stage of the production process; ‘from farm to fork’. Our expertise in animal health, hygiene and disease control is essential in maintaining the integrity of our food.

On World Food Safety Day, we must appreciate the invaluable contribution of E&J in looking after our food supply; our dedication to ensuring the safety and quality of the food we eat is fundamental to protecting public health.”

We are incredibly proud of the huge impact our colleagues have on public health and would like to thank everyone who works to keep food safe for consumers.

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